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If you live in or just visiting the Palm Beach area and have a few hours to get away and want to take advantage of the great drift fishing off the coast, I highly recommend you check out the Southern Comfort IV docked in Hypoluxo. They have an awesome, brand new boat that is clean, very comfortable and run with a very knowledgeable Captain John Schulz and mate that were also very friendly. They were very accommodating to our needs and abilities, as you can guess when you take a group of folks fishing that have different skill levels it is nice to have a patient mate and Captain on board. If you have a small group such as we did or a special need, I recommend you call Southern Comfort Charters because they seemed to accommodate just about any request we had. Our whole group had a great time fishing aboard the Southern Comfort IV and if you want a similar experience, then I recommend you check them out as well!

I/we look forward to seeing you on our next visit to the West Palm Beach area!

Thanks again for a great time!

--- Chris M
The Heinz Corporation
Charlotte, North Carolina

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Sandy and John Schulz are two of the most wonderful, fair, honest, and straight-forward people that I know. It is only natural that they would run their business, Southern Comfort Charters, in the same manner that they live their lives. About a year ago, I took up fishing as a way to find relaxation and balance in my life. I felt it was a good way to de-stress and learn something new at the same time. Captain John Schulz took me from an unskilled beginner to a guy who does pretty well on the drift boats on any given day! Captain John’s patience, knowledge, and guidance have given me my edge. I can tell you this much for sure…..no matter where Captain John goes in this area, I will always fish with him!

--- Sean A
Loyal Customer of Southern Comfort Charters
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Went on a fishing charter with Southern Comfort Charters and had a great time. Left at 6:00 AM and came back in at noon. I caught some Yellow Tail Snapper, Mutton and Bonito. Others on the trip caught some Kingfish. All in all, we came back with a lot of good eating fish. It was a great trip, with a maximum of 10 people plus the crew it wasn’t too crowded like some of the other charters. I will go again sometime soon.

--- Richard Boland
Manager of DOT & Product Approvals
Adhesives Technology Corp.
Delray Beach, Florida

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I recently went out on the Southern Comfort IV drift boat for a six-hour morning fishing trip. I was blown away at the boat itself…..fast, super clean, very spacious, and their indoor cabin area looked like a luxurious living room! The crew was knowledgeable and extremely helpful to all of us that day. From baiting hooks to making sure the fish we caught were put on ice immediately, Captain John Schulz and his First Mate, Max Parker, are hard workers. I not only enjoyed this boat for the fish that we caught…got a Kingfish and a load of good-size Mutton Snapper. I was quite surprised by the different array of fish that we caught. At one point, I caught a rather large fish and after a bit of a struggle, it broke the line. The best part was when a 25-foot whale shark swam directly under the boat and was giving us a good look at him. The boat was like a well-appointed yacht and I enjoyed kicking back and relaxing as we drifted. Whether you are a serious angler or just looking for a nice day out at sea, Southern Comfort Charters is your best bet. This tops any old, beat-up head boat that you often get stuck on down here. Southern Comfort Charters is in a league of its own!

Thanks for the ride, SoCo!.

--- Dave Lala
Business Owner – Import/Export
Pembroke Pines, Florida

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I had a great time fishing on the Southern Comfort IV a few weeks ago. My buddies and I wanted to be able to catch some nice fish without lines getting tangled and cut or fighting off crowds of people that are packed like sardines on a lot of the typical drift boats down here. A friend of mine recommended we call Sandy Schulz at Southern Comfort Charters and see if we can get a morning trip out on the Southern Comfort IV. Sandy was glad to help us book our trip and when we got to the Palm Beach Yacht Center, where the boat was docked, we were in awe! The boat was huge and it was brand new. I mean spotless. I have never seen a fishing boat that clean in my life! Captain John Schulz was there to greet us and he got us out on the water fast and on time. The rest is just good fishing. We landed some nice Dolphin, Yellowtail Snapper, a couple of Kingfish, and nice Mutton Snappers. This was one of the nicest fishing trips I have had the pleasure of taking in a long while. I plan on doing this again in the near future.

Thank you Southern Comfort Charters!.

--- Pablo Vaninetti
Pompano Beach, Florida

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I’ve gotten to know John and Sandy Schulz over the years and they are truly some of the nicest and hardest working people. When I found out that they had started a charter boat business, I knew it would be a huge success and that I would definitely be out fishing with them on the new boat. My entire family has had the pleasure of drift fishing on the Southern Comfort IV and we have gone out three times so far. Their entire crew is extremely professional and the customer service is outstanding. The trips are fun, relaxing, and it’s the perfect environment for either the serious fisherman or just a great day at sea with family or friends. The bottom line is that I will continue to give Southern Comfort Charters my business and my money because they have earned it!

Thank you for the wonderful fishing trips.....

--- Carlos Sarria and Family
Owner at C&S Restaurants / Burger King

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